Welcome to the Hazardous Substances Information System (HSIS).

The HSIS is an internet advisory service that allows you to find information on substances that have been classified by an authoritative source (such as the European Commission or NICNAS) in accordance with the Approved Criteria for Classifying Hazardous Substances [NOHSC:1008(2004] 3rd Edition.

Please note that not all hazards of these chemicals are listed on HSIS and it is the responsibility of any manufacturer or importer to check this information and any other available data sources to meet requirements of legislation requiring the preparation of labels and safety data sheets. Other sources of information can be found here.

The model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations require chemicals to be classified in accordance with the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). However transitional arrangements allow use of classification information in HSIS derived from the Approved Criteria until the 31 December 2016.

HSIS is provided for guidance only.

In addition to providing powerful search features, HSIS also provides direct access to a consolidated list of all the classified substances contained in the HSIS database.

HSIS also lists any mandatory exposure standard applicable to a chemical under the model WHS Regulations. Mandatory exposure standards are also listed in the legal document Workplace Exposure Standards for Airborne Contaminants. Please note that no exposure standard should be applied without reference to the Guidance on the Interpretation of Workplace Exposure Standards for Airborne Contaminants and to the related documentation.

Hazardous Chemical Information System

The Hazardous Chemical Information System (HCIS) is a new database that allows you to find information on chemicals that have been classified in accordance with the (GHS). HCIS contains GHS classifications for over 4,500 chemicals as well as a comprehensive database of Australian workplace exposure standards. Hazardous Chemical Information System .

HSIS and GHS datasets updated – December 2015

The HSIS and the HCIL have been updated to incorporate assessments made by the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS). These changes reflect the outcomes of human health assessments made as part of tranches one through seven of the Inventory Multi-tiered Assessment and Prioritisation (IMAP) framework. This update includes approximately 300 new entries and approximately 130 amendments to existing entries for both datasets. Please view the schedule of changes for more details. Read More

Background to HSIS

The model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations are the basis for hazardous chemicals regulations in Commonwealth, State and Territory jurisdictions. Under the model WHS Regulations manufacturers and importers of substances, mixtures and articles supplied for use in workplaces are required to determine whether they are hazardous to health and safety before supply. Read More

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